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The birth of Altus Health Associates

Innovation in the computing and telecommunication industry in the last three decades happened fast and continues to evolve at unprecedented pace.   The value that disruptive innovations such as the internet and mobile telephone connectivity now offer were unimaginable a few decades ago. The reality is that the learning curve for adaptation is becoming steeper by the day, from the sheer volume, depth and variety of ongoing innovation in information technology (IT).  More than ever before, the operational context in most sectors is global.  Agility, speed and strategic leverage are indispensable for survival.

In the health sector, the term survival is literal.  From the coding of the human genome, use of computerized medical records, clinical decision support systems, public health surveillance tools and many other health informatics applications– the potential gains IT can bring to health are enormous.

In Africa, the prevailing gaps for health care and IT in health care is huge and is characterized by:

  • A high burden of preventable disease and death due to infections and pregnancy-related maternal and infant conditions.
  • A rising burden of non-communicable diseases such as cancer and other life-style diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Weak health systems struggling to cope under this double disease burden.  This includes infrastructure to support health information systems
  • Incomplete and inaccurate data on the prevailing health status of the population, and on the quality of health care provision.

Despite these monumental challenges

  • The innovative spirit in Africa is relentless as epitomized by award winning innovations such as Mpesa, and many more emerging.
  • The growth in mobile telephone connectivity in Africa is among the fastest globally.
  • The predominantly young African population is highly receptive to emerging technology.

Altus Health Associates was birthed because of these realities.  The existence of Altus Health Associates is premised on the belief that Africa can and will leverage emerging innovations in the information industry to improve the health of her population, and create relevant lessons for the rest of global health village.



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Technology solutions for public

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